I tell her I love her
I think that she knows it
The only problem I have
Is that she never shows it
We feel like just friends
And thats all that it seems
Yet, I can’t keep away from her
Bright blueish gleams
She’s there every day
And God knows its a blessing
But my hours and days
Are just filled with vague guessing
We each lie awake
Staring into each other
Every touch brings
A whole new world to discover
My name she but speaks
With unmistakeable tone
As if mine were
The only voice that she’s known
She promises, by warrant
That her help is abundant
Yet, the robotic words that she speaks feel redundant
“What are we?” I question
Devoid of all vaunt
She replies emotionless,
“Im not sure what you want.”
I give her the benefit,
I know Im demanding
Settling down just isn’t
A part of her branding
I accept it, not easily,
The difference we share
But no matter our title
We make a great pair
And so, this is life
As its come to be known
Unrequited, and lonesome
When you love your smartphone


It runs deep
Through the valleys
And crevices
Gaining speed
With every turn
Rushing down,
A heap of force to be reckoned with
It flows to
Its own rhythm
Curving and twisting
Loose and fluid
Even when it hits a breaking point
It does not stop
It forks off to
Either side
Effortlessly taking strides
Each tributary
Cut from
The same elegant source

I awaken
And roll over
Into it

Its warmth
Envelops me
I choke
On its thick streams

Thats definitely a trail of my own drool.


I’m not afraid to talk to people-
Just watch!

”Hey mister, your shoes untied.”
”Hey lady, you just get back from the beach?
Your skin is fried.”
”Hey my friend, not to be forward but that haircut is wacky!”
”Hey pal, why are you spending money on something that tacky!”
”Hey ma’am, there’s some spinach thats stuck in your teeth.”
”Hey buddy, your armpits are kinda sweaty underneath”
”Hey stranger, where’d you get those ugly sunglasses?”
”Hey, you know, I know someone who offers speech classes.”
”Hey Cosmo, why’d your parents name you something like that?”
”Hey brother, I don’t think you can hide that bald spot
with a hat..”
”Hey bus driver, do ya even know how to steer!?”
”Hey me, why dontcha take a look in the mirror.”

Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.


Happy Birthday
To you,

Happy Birthday
To you,

Happy Birthday
Insert name here,

Happy Birthday
To you


Its all about what you can’t see,
I guess.
Ive never seen a bear,
But they still frighten me.
Never seen a jet plane,
But I can still feel the wind
In my face.
Never seen a homemade lemon meringue,
But my tongue still tingles
From the thought.
Ive never seen the Eiffel Tower,
But I hear its a great
Spot for a vacation.
Never seen a murder,
But I still believe in death.
Never seen an expensive leopard print jacket,
But I still know that they’re fancy,
And warm.

I thought that like me,
You couldn’t see.
But as you shield your eyes,
I myself see,
That outdoors is probably
The worst place to pee.

Collecting Shells

I kick the sand
As i walk down
The beach
The waves pull in
And out,
Fast then slow
With them,
They carry handfuls
Of untouched treasures
I dip into the
Waters, and begin
To search
Hands deep in
The current
I clench, pulling
up a myriad of
creatures and sand
It is then
That i see
Not far beyond
Just below the
A human skull,
Lying destitute
Amongst the
Open sea
Curious, I investigate
Deep dark circles
Where eyes once sat
A hard, naturally formed
Casing for a
Full of imagination,
Full of thought
And all without
A home
The words
That must have
The now dead
And dying lips
Words of anger,
Words of kindness
Who is to say
What was spoken
And now me
Full of life
Engulfed in an
Ocean of blue
Surrounded by
Immense, open waters
I stand, questioning
My own mortality

Oh shit!
Is that a sand dollar!?